Harmony Expressed is one of a kind hand crafted jewelry. My goal is to make quality pieces at an affordable price.  


Stacey Hodges,


I’ve always loved jewelry, I don’t even have to wear it, I just love to look at it.  Maybe I got it honest, my grandmother was the queen of jewelry with her Sears Catalog, lol. She use to let us explore her jewelry box and many times leave with a shiny treasure. 

Looking at jewelry just never gets old to me, still to this day every time I go into my mom’s room I find myself at her jewelry box.  

So how did I go from looking to making…well I fell in love with a pair of cowrie shell earrings, but at the time they were out my price range, so I had the bright idea to try and make them.

However, I never stopped and I gathered the confidence from friends and family liked them and eventually I opened an Etsy page in 2011 and I loved it. Life got busy and I let I closed the shop and stopped making things, but my amazing friends have kept encouraging me over the years to pick it back on and here I am today. 

Creating is relaxing and brings me such joy and peace, which is where the name Harmony Expressed comes from.

Sourced from Around the Globe

I love love colorful beads with a history.  Most of my jewelry is made with African glass beads because to me they are beautiful and rich and make my heart smile.